28 October 2016

Sex, politics and censorship

Porn Panic! provides a frightening portrait of the left’s abandonment of liberty.

6 July 2016

What do Leave voters really think?

Leavers speak to spiked about their visions for Britain.

21 August 2015

The myth of England’s miserable kids

The Children's Society's latest report relies on nonsense measures and meaningless stats.

21 October 2014

Tommy the chimp is just an animal, not a prisoner

The campaign to give a chimpanzee ‘legal personhood’ is ludicrous.

11 July 2014

Saving normal in a world gone mad

One psychiatrist’s rebellion against the pathologisation of everyday life.

24 March 2014

Early childhood maketh not the man

John Bruer talks to spiked about the myth of the first three years being pivotal.

4 November 2013

Giving sibling rivalry a bad name

The anti-bullying industry has now turned its attentions to brothers and sisters.

31 July 2013

The deterministic myth of the ‘early years’

Whether based on attachment theory or neurobabble, the claim that human beings are set in stone by the age of three is groundless.