19 January 2004

A danger to the nation's children

The NSPCC's new 'Someone To Turn To' campaign will poison family relations, says the author of Paranoid Parenting.

2 December 2003

Policing parents-to-be

In recommending a ban on sex selection, the UK authority that regulates reproductive technology reveals its deep distrust of infertile couples.

29 July 2003

The children who won’t grow up

Peter Pan-demonium, kidults, boomerang kids.... A sociologist examines the phenomenon of lost boys and girls hanging out on the edge of adulthood.

11 October 2002

Singleton Society

As the number of single-person households is predicted to soar, sociologist Frank Furedi explains why so many men and women are opting to live alone.

15 May 2002

History has not yet begun

Liberalism and socialism belonged to the Stone Age of ideologies. Now we are ready to crawl out of the caves.

15 March 2002

Epidemic of fear

We were scared to death long before 11 September.

7 September 2001

Disciplining parents

The campaign to make smacking a crime will do more harm than good.

30 August 2001

Why the QAA should RIP

Read Frank Furedi's critique of the UK's Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK press: and a defence of 'quality assurance' by John Randall, who has just resigned as the agency's chief executive.

24 August 2001

You can't ban accidents

The refusal to accept that misfortune and adversity are part of the human experience is turning the 'blame game' into Britain's national sport.

11 July 2001

spiked-seminars: What's real about the virtual community?

spiked has been organising a series of seminars in the run-up to its London conference, Don't blow IT. Frank Furedi and Mike Weber led the discussion on IT and community.