23 March 2005

Our unhealthy obsession with sickness

Why is being ill now embraced as a positive part of the human experience?

17 February 2005

The new Chief Inquisitor on campus

From ethics committees to ‘learning outcomes’, the threat to academic freedom comes from within the university as much as from without.

6 January 2005

How we deal with disasters

From 'Acts of God' to 'Acts of Nature' and 'Acts of Man' - humanity's reading of catastrophes has changed through the ages.

15 December 2004

Dumbing down? Don’t blame the media

The tendency to blame reality TV both trivialises and underestimates the problem.

28 October 2004

The politics of fear

President Bush isn’t the only one who plays the scare card.

3 August 2004

The Sixties myth

Tony Blair is the latest in a long line to scapegoat the 1960s for the Western elites' own problems.

7 July 2004

Punishing parents

The campaign against smacking is based on the poisonous notion that children need to be saved from their parents.

9 March 2004

The politics of the lonely crowd

Protest movements get personal.

19 January 2004

A danger to the nation's children

The NSPCC's new 'Someone To Turn To' campaign will poison family relations, says the author of Paranoid Parenting.

2 December 2003

Policing parents-to-be

In recommending a ban on sex selection, the UK authority that regulates reproductive technology reveals its deep distrust of infertile couples.