7 September 2001

Disciplining parents

The campaign to make smacking a crime will do more harm than good.

30 August 2001

Why the QAA should RIP

Read Frank Furedi's critique of the UK's Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK press: and a defence of 'quality assurance' by John Randall, who has just resigned as the agency's chief executive.

24 August 2001

You can't ban accidents

The refusal to accept that misfortune and adversity are part of the human experience is turning the 'blame game' into Britain's national sport.

11 July 2001

spiked-seminars: What's real about the virtual community?

spiked has been organising a series of seminars in the run-up to its London conference, Don't blow IT. Frank Furedi and Mike Weber led the discussion on IT and community.

8 June 2001

Consuming democracy

The new consumer activism, carried out in the name of 'the People', is really elitist networking that thrives on political apathy.

7 June 2001

Cheating on democracy

Even before the stories about vote rigging, politicians' interest in postal voting was corrupt.

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: Parents and children

The government should take politics out of family life; provide universal access to childcare; give parents a break during the school holidays; and allow teachers to teach and parents to parent.

9 May 2001

Your vote counts! (to Bush, Blair, Gore and Hague, anyway)

Should voting be an act so banal as flushing the toilet?

1 May 2001

British racism: a new original sin

How New Labour has racialised everyday life.

29 March 2001

Urban prejudices, rural myths

Why we should all stop romanticising the countryside.