18 April 2006

Confronting the New Misanthropy

The big question today is not whether humans will survive the twenty-first century, but whether our faith in humanity will survive it.

23 January 2006

The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria

It is the Anglo-American cultural elites' insecurity about their own values that encourages their frenzied attacks on religion.

8 November 2005

French lessons for us all

The riots reveal the political exhaustion of Europe.

18 October 2005

Why do we fear freedom?

The first casualty of the politics of fear is open debate.

26 September 2005

The market in fear

Politics has become a contest between different brands of doom-mongering.

26 September 2005

Reflections on the future

In New York this Friday, three leading intellectuals will interrogate and debate politics in the twenty-first century. Here, they outline their views.

13 June 2005

From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived

On both sides of the Atlantic, the political class has become convinced that the people do not know what is best for them.

31 May 2005

The reawakening of European democracy

The French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event.

4 May 2005

None of them knows what we’re thinking

The political class is running on empty.

23 March 2005

Our unhealthy obsession with sickness

Why is being ill now embraced as a positive part of the human experience?