5 March 2018

Italy has dealt a blow to the EU

But the nation still longs for a real populist alternative.

2 March 2018

Why the people must be sovereign

Anti-populists denigrate democracy and render citizenship meaningless.

28 February 2018

Stop this moral crusade against circumcision

Iceland is considering a ban on male circumcision – that would be a travesty.

19 February 2018

Why they love baiting the Russian bear

The West’s anti-Russia rhetoric is becoming dangerously inflamed.

8 February 2018

Let’s celebrate the creative power of democracy

100 years on, the elites still distrust the people. They are wrong to.

15 January 2018

Turning the army into a Safe Space

The British army’s latest ads spell the end of the warrior ethos.

11 January 2018

Switch off your kids’ phones and let them play outside

The problem isn't ‘smartphone addiction’ – it’s that kids are coddled.

23 December 2017

The fantasy of the ‘youthquake’

The 2017 youth rebellion is a figment of observers’ imaginations.

13 December 2017

Turning childhood into a mental illness

The therapy industry is in danger of screwing up our kids.

1 December 2017

The hidden history of identity politics

How a revolt against the Enlightenment came to dominate public life.