14 April 2015

Why the Armenian genocide still haunts the world

Many of the tensions of the Great War remain scarily unresolved.

7 April 2015

Islam vs liberalism: the classroom’s silent Culture War

Teachers are afraid of tackling difficult questions in front of pupils.

30 March 2015

What’s behind the fashion for banning?

Barely a day passes without someone demanding a ban on something.

ISIS 9 March 2015

ISIS’s very modern war on the past

It is not just the museum-destroying Islamic State that yearns for a Year Zero.

3 March 2015

Six ways that the Miners’ Strike changed British politics forever

Thirty years on, how that uprising altered everything.

23 February 2015

An ominous pilgrimage to Syria: what made them go?

Blaming jihadist ‘groomers’ for warping young Brits’ minds is a moral copout.

19 February 2015

After Copenhagen: resist the empire of offence

The biggest threat to free and open debate is the fear of giving offence.

9 February 2015

Six lessons from the Charlie Hebdo massacre

One month on, the post-massacre love for free speech is withering.

30 January 2015

The truth about the Nazi camp my mum was in

My mother would have recognised but not understood this depiction of Ravensbrück.

12 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo: is Islam to blame?

Jihadism is the product of something far more complex than religion alone.