26 January 2016

We need to talk about terrorism

The Prevent agenda is chilling classroom discussion.

19 January 2016

Why is Europe giving Muslim migrants sex-ed lessons?

These creepy leaflets are testament to a much deeper malaise.

11 January 2016

Why are angry ranchers being called terrorists?

The indiscriminate use of the T-word is trivialising genuine terrorist acts.

27 December 2015

The year the West terrorised itself

The West needs to beat Islamism on the battlefield of ideas.

23 November 2015

Microaggression theory: an assault on everyday life

This crusade against unwitting racism is deeply divisive.

16 November 2015

After Paris: we must refuse to be terrorised

Fear is what they want; let’s not give them it.

27 October 2015

Teaching consent, policing intimacy

Consent classes turn relationships into business transactions.

13 October 2015

Breathing life back into libertarianism

To build a new humanist politics, we must get serious about freedom.

28 September 2015

Operation Midland: treating fiction as fact

The crusade against historical sex abuse is destroying due process.