1 October 2013

Orange is the New Black: too hot for TV

This online series set in a women’s prison has more bite than any comedy on the box.

9 September 2013

Classical music: where sex sells

Once the preserve of the unfortunate-looking, classical music is suddenly full of stunners.

9 August 2013

Die Antwoord: South Africa’s answer to conformity

This strangely successful Afrikaner rap-rave troupe are a joyous middle-finger to the politically correct and the musically boring.

12 July 2013

Breaking news: it’s okay to like The Newsroom

Despite the achingly left-liberal preachiness, Aaron Sorkin’s much-mocked show is better-than-average entertainment.

12 February 2013

Holding up a mirror to EU institutions

The workplace policy-bile pumped out of by the EU is at odds with how the EU top brass run their own ship.

Books 27 December 2012

Body-building for nation states

Cut through Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s lofty pretences and you discover some insightful remedies to society’s ills.

7 December 2012

Is television upside down Down Under?

Benighted colonials they are not: New Zealand brings a refreshing quirkiness to its programming.

7 November 2012

How to teach children: subjects or skills?

Emmet Livingstone reports on a lively SCETT debate about the best way forward for the school curriculum.

Books 26 October 2012

Mantel’s revolution in historical fiction

Hilary Mantel cements her reputation as novelistic innovator with Bring Up the Bodies, a sequel every bit as seditiously potent as Wolf Hall.