30 September 2016

The Violet Hour: a terrifying masterpiece

Katie Roiphe on breaking the biggest taboo: death.

21 September 2016

The taming of Bridget Jones

The fun, drunk smoker has been straightened out. How depressing.

13 September 2016

Why feminists are so cagey about class

Middle-class media feminists have nothing to say to poor girls.

7 September 2016

Standing up for Irish women’s abortion rights

Inspiring new initiatives are helping Irish women get the services they need.

1 September 2016

Teaching girls to be ‘mentally ill’

Time to call off this unhealthy obsession with teenagers’ wellbeing.

25 August 2016

Long live the Night Tube

Ignore the doom-sayers, London after dark is nothing to fear.

16 August 2016

Anti-feminism: the new heresy

The witch-hunting of critics of feminism has got to stop.

10 August 2016

Why we must stand up for democracy

Join our demonstration against a second Brexit referendum.

1 August 2016

Suspended for sins against feminism

The new gender intolerance has claimed another scalp.

27 July 2016

Triggering Article 50: the precondition of a new politics

The entire elite wants to delay Article 50. We must fight them.