30 December 2016

‘I won’t ask permission to say what I want’

Lionel Shriver takes on the dreary conformism of contemporary culture.

27 December 2016

2016: the fight for abortion rights gets serious

This year women fought brilliantly for bodily autonomy.

19 December 2016

The creepy obsession with teenagers’ sex lives

Students don't need more sex ed. They need to be left alone.

14 December 2016

The truth about the pill panic

The link between contraceptives and depression is hugely overblown.

7 December 2016

There’s more to university than getting a good job

Students suing their alma maters speaks to the devaluation of learning.

1 December 2016

Stop the fearmongering about fascism

The left’s Nazism panic shows how out of touch it is.

15 November 2016

Stop vote-shaming Trump’s female supporters

The feminist attacks on female Trump voters have been grotesque.

1 November 2016

‘Hey, little people, don’t vote Trump!’

Celebrities' political preaching reveals a disdain for the public.

28 October 2016

Mary Kenny, a women’s liberator

The one-time feminist firebrand talks to the spiked review about her radical past and conservative present.