23 February 2018

How #MeToo makes it harder to combat sexual abuse

The charity-sector sex scandal exposes #MeToo’s lack of seriousness.

13 February 2018

The problem with Oxfam isn’t just a few dirty men

This scandal reveals the aid industry’s nasty neocolonial attitudes.

12 February 2018

No, women are not damaged goods

#MeToo is in danger of reviving the idea of the ‘tainted women’.

9 February 2018

No, today’s feminists are not The New Suffragettes

They fought for power – you fight for protection.

31 January 2018

Cutting men’s wages is a scandal

Feminists demanding pay cuts for men are doing bosses’ dirty work.

22 January 2018

UKIP: the party’s over

UKIP’s demise proves Remainers were wrong about the Brexit era.

16 January 2018

Young feminists, listen to your elders

Margaret Atwood is right: we must defend due process.

10 January 2018

Virgin’s elitist Mail‑bashing

Yes this is censorship – and it’s time to stand up to it.

8 January 2018

The Golden Globes: a wake for feminism

The #MeToo movement is just a vehicle for celeb virtue-signalling.

5 January 2018

Time’s Up for the #MeToo movement

The celebrity fund for poor women reveals how patronising #MeToo is.