5 January 2018

Time’s Up for the #MeToo movement

The celebrity fund for poor women reveals how patronising #MeToo is.

22 December 2017

A year of sexual unfreedom

#MeToo speaks to a misanthropic panic about unpoliced sex.

20 December 2017

Ireland: on the verge of a pro-choice revolution

The referendum might finally win freedom for women.

12 December 2017

Al Franken: sacrificed to the #MeToo mob

The ousting of Franken shows how crazy #MeToo is becoming.

7 December 2017

Why Time is wrong to celebrate #MeToo

Feeding a victimhood culture won’t empower women.

5 December 2017

In defence of Damian Green

His public shaming confirms how sinister #MeToo has become.

28 November 2017

Ban Sleeping Beauty? Okay, now feminists have gone too far

No, this fairytale won’t encourage boys to kiss girls without consent.

22 November 2017

Lily Madigan is not a woman

Having a 19-year-old boy as a women’s officer is ridiculous.

8 November 2017

‘Pestminster’: feminism’s double standards

Why working-class victims of real sexual abuse are ignored.