28 May 2015

Kick the sex cops off campus

Universities have one responsibility – to educate.

The left: from solidarity to pity

Lefties no longer struggle with the people – they feel sorry for them.

14 May 2015

#NotGuilty, but a victim forever

Rape victims shouldn't be encouraged to dwell on their experiences.

5 May 2015

A bikini-clad celebration of weakness

Ella Whelan reports from the protest against Protein World's beach-body ad.

28 April 2015

The teen angst of the Protein World protests

Feminism poses a bigger threat to womanhood than those ads ever could.

23 April 2015

‘Labour is now a corporate middle‑class party’

Ella Whelan talks to Nigel Farage and Will Scobie in Thanet.

16 April 2015

Why the political class *hearts* Joey Essex

Party leaders have mistaken a reality-TV star for the electorate.

9 April 2015

Good boobs, bad boobs: how feminists police women’s bodies

Middle-class breasts on Instagram – good. Big tits in the Sun – bad.

18 February 2015

Harman’s Barbie bus: The new face of feminism

It isn't only Labour that views women as a distinctive political species.