23 September 2015

Living longer is a cause for celebration

The ageing population is a challenge, not a threat.

15 September 2015

Who cares how many women are in the Corbyn cabinet?

The idea that biology trumps brains is the real scandal here.

9 September 2015

The feminist trials of Miss Piggy

How can a Muppet be a role model for women?

4 September 2015

fight for your right to stay up all night

We must reject attempts to regulate our nightlife.

2 September 2015

You can’t say that, Chrissie

The real reason Chrissie Hynde angered feminists? She refused to play the victim.

25 August 2015

Even cheating husbands deserve privacy

The Ashley Madison hack is cruelty masquerading as morality.

19 August 2015

The Islamic State is not a feminist issue

Not every problem in the world needs to be gendered.