21 October 2015

JLaw – be a diva,
not a whiner

Jennifer Lawrence should have confronted her bosses, not complained on 'Lenny'.

15 October 2015

Refugee crisis: lighting candles is not enough

Adopt-a-Syrian? How patronising can you get.

7 October 2015

Why I’m not a feminist

Condemning women who refuse to conform to feminism is tyrannical.

2 October 2015

The risky brilliance of Lucia Berlin

The posthumous praise for A Manual For Cleaning Women is richly deserved.

30 September 2015

Cybersexism? Yet another feminist panic

The UN’s report on cybersexism is shrill and illiberal.

23 September 2015

Living longer is a cause for celebration

The ageing population is a challenge, not a threat.

15 September 2015

Who cares how many women are in the Corbyn cabinet?

The idea that biology trumps brains is the real scandal here.

9 September 2015

The feminist trials of Miss Piggy

How can a Muppet be a role model for women?