13 September 2016

Why feminists are so cagey about class

Middle-class media feminists have nothing to say to poor girls.

7 September 2016

Standing up for Irish women’s abortion rights

Inspiring new initiatives are helping Irish women get the services they need.

1 September 2016

Teaching girls to be ‘mentally ill’

Time to call off this unhealthy obsession with teenagers’ wellbeing.

25 August 2016

Long live the Night Tube

Ignore the doom-sayers, London after dark is nothing to fear.

16 August 2016

Anti-feminism: the new heresy

The witch-hunting of critics of feminism has got to stop.

10 August 2016

Why we must stand up for democracy

Join our demonstration against a second Brexit referendum.

1 August 2016

Suspended for sins against feminism

The new gender intolerance has claimed another scalp.

27 July 2016

Triggering Article 50: the precondition of a new politics

The entire elite wants to delay Article 50. We must fight them.

13 July 2016

The telling tears of Remainers

Why has there been such an emotional reaction to Brexit?

28 June 2016

After the referendum, the ugly scourge of ageism

Hating old people has become a socially acceptable prejudice.