13 July 2016

The telling tears of Remainers

Why has there been such an emotional reaction to Brexit?

28 June 2016

After the referendum, the ugly scourge of ageism

Hating old people has become a socially acceptable prejudice.

20 June 2016

Forget the EU – the world is waiting

A Brexit could be the start of a new internationalism.

17 June 2016

We are not Sadiq’s little girls

The mayor’s ban on body-shaming adverts is an insult to women.

8 June 2016

Support free movement? Then vote against the EU

It's time to explode the myth that Brussels is pro-migration.

1 June 2016

Reclaim the internet… from the censors

Yvette Cooper’s new campaign is an insidious attack on online freedom.

24 May 2016

Campus censorship is holding women back

Why are female students infantilising themselves?

16 May 2016

HB2: politics goes down the toilet

The debate over transgender bathrooms reveals the madness of identity politics.

4 May 2016

Let’s fill London with cars

We need more roads, cheaper fuel and greater freedom for everyone.

26 April 2016

Abortion wars: women fight back

Women are fighting for their bodily autonomy.