14 December 2016

The true heroes of Grunwick

The Labour left is misremembering this great 1976 strike.

11 March 2016

George Martin: pop’s great innovator

How The Beatles producer changed the music game.

4 October 2012

A splendid time is still guaranteed for all…

ESSAY: As the Beatles’ back catalogue is reissued, Ed Barrett salutes the world’s most brilliant, inventive and humorous pop group.

15 April 2008

The seventh circle
of Dewsbury

Abductors, bombers, kids hanged from trees, crucified men... apparently Dewsbury has them all. Or is the media just making it up?

19 June 2007

Bernard Manning:
the oldest and truest punk in town

Some brief thoughts penned in sorrow upon hearing of the death of the foul-mouthed comedian.

18 December 2006

The Life of Python

Michael Palin's diaries and the digitally remastered Monty Python albums show that these comedy greats are not quite dead parrots.

14 September 2006

Ashley Cole’s self-serving memoir: there’s no defence

Chelsea's new boy should know the score: bitching in a book about your old club will only make you look bad.

4 July 2006

After Sven’s reign of error: what next for England?

England's 'experiment' with a foreign coach was neither a success nor a failure, but a continuation of what went before.

13 January 2005

The making of London’s ‘white trash’

Michael Collins' chronicle of South-East London looks for the roots of today's chav-bashing.

22 April 2004

‘It’s stifling, that feeling of falseness’

Ricky Gervais talks to Ed Barrett about The Office and offices.