14 April 2014

‘Fat Scottish wanker’? It’s just banter

Pantomime name-calling at football matches should not be a crime.

4 April 2014

Should Roy Hodgson ban the WAGs?

The pre-match sex debate is as old as sport itself, but it only distracts from England's bigger problems.

28 March 2014

Andre Marriner: we all make mistakes

Calm down, everybody. Refereeing cock-ups are part of the fun of football.

21 March 2014

Manchester United: the emperor has no clothes

Old Trafford no longer has teams trembling with fear – and that decline started under Fergie.

14 March 2014

Football’s moralists should butt out over Pardew

A feeble headbutt earned the Newcastle boss a seven-game ban and a deluge of sanctimony. The rest of us just laughed.

7 March 2014

The racial delusions of Sol Campbell

Campbell wasn't overlooked for the England captaincy because he was black, but his claim reflects an unhealthy modern outlook.

28 February 2014

The gloriously pointless world of football banter

Cantona's kung-fu kick was not a political statement, it was comedy gold.

21 February 2014

300 grand a week? Rooney is worth it

Forget the moralising about footballers’ wages - it’s a good thing players are no longer treated as serfs.

14 February 2014

Holmesdale Fanatics: the spirit of Lenin storms Palace

The buzzing atmosphere at Selhurst Park is the product of a revolutionary vanguard.

7 February 2014

Mourinho: more than just ‘parking the bus’

The Chelsea manager isn’t just the king of the memorable quote - he’s a great tactician, too.