14 July 2005

Were Londoners told the truth?

A couple of hours after the bombs, Italian news agencies were reporting that 50 people had died - but the UK press took a lot longer to come clean.

16 June 2005

Infertile democracy

A low turnout in Italy's fertility referendum was interpreted as a sign of voter stupidity

8 June 2004

No beating about the Bush

Why so few demonstrators rumbled the American president in Rome.

14 May 2004


From radical campaigning to blockading Italian docks in the name of EU agricultural legislation.

18 December 2003

Kyoto COP out

Report from Milan on the UN conference on climate change.

30 October 2003

Behind the lines of the general strike

A report from Italy on the 'part-time protest' over pension reforms.

10 July 2003

When il capo met kapo

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on why Europe failed to get Silvio Berlusconi's 'ironic joke'.

18 February 2003

No peace in the piazza

In Italy, anti-war protesters' big disagreement with the government is over how best to subdue Iraq. Dominic Standish reports from Rome.

14 August 2002

Playing at politics

The Italian left has adopted a children's game as a form of protest.

17 July 2002

Big projects, small minds

The Italian authorities want to build the longest bridge in the world and a dam to protect Venice. Why on Earth would anybody oppose that?