23 January 2012

Riding the waves of a cruise crash

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on how anti-ship agitators are milking the Concordia tragedy.

16 May 2011

Is it arrivederci to nuclear power in Italy?

The Italian government has prioritised risk-avoidance and short-term political survival over acute energy needs.

17 December 2009

Democracy takes a beating in Italy

Italian politicians are taking advantage of the attack on Silvio Berlusconi in Milan to clamp down on liberties.

16 April 2009

People are not to blame for earthquakes

The devastation of the Abruzzo region in Italy owes far more to an act of nature than modern building techniques.

8 December 2008

The death of Venice is greatly exaggerated

Dominic Standish reports from Venice on how residents and visitors coped with the highest floods in 20 years.

16 April 2008

Why Berlusconi beat the ‘Italian Obama’

What a third term for the ‘Jesus Christ’ of Italian politics reveals about democracy, corruption and the cult of personality.

22 February 2008

Playing politics with abortion

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on how politicians are jumping on an anti-abortion bandwagon in the run to April’s elections.

30 January 2008

Pantomime politics,

Rivers of refuse, bust-ups in parliament, the fall of Romano Prodi’s government: Dominic Standish reports on Italy’s descent into farce.

31 July 2007

Death in Venice

War, rubber skulls kicked around like footballs, an exhibit that intones 'I will die...' This year's prestigous Venice Biennale arts fair is dominated by death and doom.

15 June 2006

Why we should save Venice

Ignore the doom-mongers and philistines – it is both possible and desirable to rescue Venice from sinking into the sea.