7 March 2018

Now it’s time for ‘Italeave’

Italy’s politicians must listen to the public and consider leaving the EU.

6 December 2016

The rejection of Renzi: a good day for democracy

Italians have had enough of this unelected PM.

20 February 2014

Matteo Renzi and Italy’s coup d’état

Italian voters have yet again been sidelined by backroom deals in Rome.

11 July 2013

‘I don’t believe in role models’

Footballing icon Rodney Marsh on Beckham, bad-taste jokes and OBEs.

4 March 2013

Italy: why the EU is panicked by populism

EU officials’ fear of ‘populism’, such as that expressed in the Italian election, is really a fear of the populace.

19 November 2012

The storm that blew away rationalism

The belief that recent storms were caused by climate change echoes Medieval Europe's superstitions about weather.

Books 27 January 2012

Venice: a shifting metaphor for the human condition

In this extract from his new book, Dominic Standish explores how Venice has gone from symbolising brash human vision to being viewed as a victim of eco-degradation.

23 January 2012

Riding the waves of a cruise crash

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on how anti-ship agitators are milking the Concordia tragedy.

16 May 2011

Is it arrivederci to nuclear power in Italy?

The Italian government has prioritised risk-avoidance and short-term political survival over acute energy needs.

17 December 2009

Democracy takes a beating in Italy

Italian politicians are taking advantage of the attack on Silvio Berlusconi in Milan to clamp down on liberties.