4 May 2001

TV UK, 4 May

'The Secret Rulers of the World goes beyond demonstrating the cookiness of the conspiracy theorists to uncover the viciousness and stupidity of unsinister mainstream institutions.'

26 April 2001

TV UK, 26 April

'TV doesn't seem to do in-depth or advanced programmes about the arts, never mind stretching itself as a medium for them.'

20 April 2001

TV UK, 20 April

Dolan's last word on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

12 April 2001

TV UK, 12 April

'"Except for signs and wonders ye will not believe", Jesus once complained. The BBC's history department seems similarly resigned to the need for not-so-cheap tricks.'

5 April 2001

TV UK, 5 April

'Americans seem to have a fondness for UK TV that goes beyond our famously world-class dramas and documentary series (mostly made in the 1970s).'

5 April 2001

Yoof politics

The ready-made radicalism of the left has become just as staid and uninspiring as the parliamentary politics it is supposed to be replacing.

30 March 2001

TV UK, 30 March

'I seem to have a knack of saying the wrong thing when I'm on TV - but then TV debates don't lend themselves to sophistication.'

23 March 2001

TV UK, 23 March

'David Burke sees interactive TV as part of a sinister plot to "manipulate" viewers and turn us into zombies.'

16 March 2001

TV UK, 16 March

On the absence of a St Patrick's Day theme night: 'After Friday's extravaganza of charitable tat on BBC1, a whole night of emerald effluent would be too much even for people who like that sort of thing.'

9 March 2001

TV UK, 9 March

'A Bradford City fan might be gripped by his team's encounter with Charlton Athletic, but most of us would rather watch The Antiques Roadshow.'