Books 18 May 2012

UK cultural policy: using art to divide us

By promoting diversity through culture, UK policymakers have ignored precisely what makes art so valuable: its universality.

Books 30 March 2012

Religious belief is more than an evolutionary affliction

A new book attempts to ground a defence of religious freedom in cognitive science, but in doing so it reveals a lack of faith in freedom itself.

28 February 2011

‘The artist formerly known as global warming’

Two new plays show that climate change is better understood as a moral issue rather than a scientific one.

Books 28 January 2011

A curious plea for a disinterested public

Dan Hind’s clarion call for a return of the spirit of the radical political tradition rooted in English republicanism is compromised by his suspicion towards private interests.

6 September 2010

Proving you’re an adult turns you into a child

Twentysomething Brits shouldn’t have to provide state-backed ID in order to purchase a glass of wine or can of beer.

4 February 2010

The first step: admit drinking is normal

Yes, we need a better drinking culture: one where alcohol consumption is not seen as a social problem.

4 December 2009

‘These rocks are here for me, waiting for the drill’

Free-marketeers idolise Ayn Rand because they far prefer her imaginary, heroic capitalists to the snivelling, mendacious capitalist class of today.

Books 27 November 2009

‘These rocks are here for me, waiting for the drill’

Maybe one reason why free-marketeers idolise Ayn Rand is because they far prefer her imaginary heroic capitalists to the snivelling and mendacious capitalist class of today.

14 August 2009

There’s more to Calvin than dourness and asceticism

We have forgotten that John Calvin was not only a severe Christian but also a key figure in the intellectual making of the modern world.

10 August 2009

Against booze bans

Giving police the arbitrary power to prevent people from drinking in public is an attack on everyday freedom.