19 March 2013

Teaching students
to think racially

Race theory is dividing university students, with whites depicted as racist, and blacks as permanently oppressed.

15 January 2013

Maybe teachers’ morale is not low enough

A gloomy survey of teachers missed the most depressing thing of all: the loss of any sense of what education is for.

1 November 2012

Stop policing the university

With every police-led intervention into campus life, the freedom to debate and argue is diminished.

10 October 2012

Be a ‘know all’, not a lifelong learner

The redefinition of students as ‘learners’ speaks to the hollowing-out of the knowledge base of education.

21 March 2012

‘Billy No Mates’: the new role model

Some UK schools are banning ‘best friends’ to spare children the heartbreak of falling out. Bad move.

1 March 2012

Turning professors into social engineers

Obsessed with furnishing student-consumers with skills, universities now merely train where once they enlightened.

11 August 2011

Speaking freely in the Middle East

The Doha Debates suggest that people in the Arab world could teach Westerners a thing or two about freedom of speech.

Books 27 June 2008

The dangerous rise of therapeutic education

In an extract from their new book, Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes argue that the relentless introduction of emotional literacy into the school curriculum is opening young people’s minds to the policing of the authorities.

3 June 2008

Freedom is not an academic discussion

The idea that British academics should boycott Israeli universities and their staff is a slap in the face to academic freedom and solidarity.

29 January 2008

Would you like relish with that A-level?

The idea that McDonald's could provide qualifications has prompted derision, but the ‘McDonaldisation’ of learning has already begun.