20 March 2014

How trigger warnings shoot down free debate

To warn students that they’re about to encounter potentially offensive ideas is to treat them like children.

6 January 2014

Israel boycotts: an assault on the university

In order to puff up their own sense of self-importance, anti-Israel academics are undermining their own institutions.

3 October 2013

McDonaldising the student soul

In today’s McUniversities, ‘graduate attributes’ are being used to create McStudents with no individuality.

4 September 2013

Three cheers for the Mickey MOOCs University?

Massive open online courses, like too many modern universities, can only offer qualifications, not education.

17 July 2013

You want a first with that fee?

With university degrees now organised like training schemes, no wonder the marks are going up.

19 March 2013

Teaching students
to think racially

Race theory is dividing university students, with whites depicted as racist, and blacks as permanently oppressed.