14 November 2017

Making that existential leap

Dolan Cummings has written a crime novel for morally uncertain times.

16 March 2016

Let London party

My vision for London: fight for our right to stay out all night.

18 June 2015

We must fight for our right to party

Killjoy bureaucrats are regulating clubbing out of existence.

6 March 2015

Lila: a divine novel

Marilynne Robinson’s religious warmth is a breath of fresh air in this cynical age.

17 December 2014

Serial: the limits to reasonable doubt

This chilling true-crime podcast series makes a timely stand for the presumption of innocence.

6 June 2014

In defence of difficult, pointless poetry

Jeremy Paxman's suggestion that poetry should be more engaging misses the point about the power of the artform.

27 March 2014

Martin Amis’ England: cosy, trite viewing

The once-great novelist is really only comfortable when talking about himself.