21 October 2016

Into the mind of David Bowie

Bowie’s brilliance defies psychiatric reductivism.

12 October 2016

Stop telling kids they’re mentally ill

Many ‘mental-health problems’ are just normal childhood experiences.

11 January 2016

We need real public health

Public health was once about saving us from illness, not from ourselves.

20 October 2015

PSPOs: protecting public space from the public

The petty policing of public spaces is inhibiting community life.

24 July 2015

Nothing great about the welfare state

James Bartholomew launches a scathing attack on the effects of welfarism.

11 December 2014

Turning food banks into a moral weapon

The government’s food-bank strategy will increase state intervention in poor people’s lives.

1 November 2011

Why feel charitable towards charities?

Charities in the UK have become far too dependent on state funding, at the cost of their independence.

27 November 2008

Adopting an obsession with lifestyle

Local authorities should do everything to find children secure homes, not fret about parents’ personal habits.