28 February 2018

How to end homelessness

We need less social-media grandstanding and more house-building.

13 December 2017

Another Christmas of crisis for the NHS

We need less adoration and panic over the NHS, and more real debate.

7 November 2017

The sorry state of welfare

Universal credit is flawed. But welfare dependency must be tackled.

21 August 2017

More inspections won’t solve the care crisis

Managerial bureaucracy has no place in elderly care.

29 May 2017

The dementia tax row: a sorry spectacle

We need a real debate about social care.

11 April 2017

Living wage? This is bargain-basement socialism

How working people’s pay became a lifeless academic question.

27 February 2017

Maybe we should scrap the NHS and start again

Our healthcare system isn’t working – we need new ideas.

9 December 2016

Who’d be a football coach now?

The child-abuse panic is poisoning the adult-child relationship.