14 September 2012

Andy Murray: it’s the technique wot won it

More major victories await the Scot, whose change of style as much as his shift in attitude is putting him on top.

30 April 2010

Marathons: running away from The Race

Judging by the flailing, portly people taking part in Brighton’s Marathon, running is no longer about the thrill of competition.

Books 30 December 2009

The moodiness of a long-suffering tennis player

In spite of the headline-seeking, drug-taking confessions, Andre Agassi’s autobiography offers a fascinating insight into the inner life of a sporting great.

18 March 2009

Giving competitive dads the red card

With its new ‘Respect’ agenda, the Football Association is demonising a key figure in youth sport: demanding dads.

9 July 2008

Why Britain cannot find a Wimbledon champion

A tennis coach and player looks at why Brits are the eternal losers of the international tennis scene.

25 June 2008

Who’s afraid of drugs in sport?

Drugs are useless in interactive sports like tennis, but they may help to extend athletes’ careers. So let’s un-ban them.

6 September 2007

A step in the wrong direction

Pedometers for children are the latest weapon in the War on Obesity. But mere 'activity' is a poor substitute for vigorous and pleasurable sports.

23 October 2006

Treating volunteers like criminals will kill community sport

A tennis coach tells how burdensome regulations are putting volunteers off.