23 July 2018

The inequality syndrome

The Inner Level is as myopic and poorly researched as its predecessor, The Spirit Level.

17 May 2018

FOBTs: a middle-class moral panic

The £2 stake will do nothing to help problem gamblers.

24 December 2017

2017: the year of the killjoys

Time for a backlash against the anti-booze, anti-chocolate, anti-smoking zealots.

25 August 2017

State rewards for exercise? Jog on

NHS 'Healthy New Towns' won't change anyone's lifestyle.

28 February 2017

Meet the ‘sock puppets’ waging war on your freedom

How officials use public-health charities as a front for authoritarianism.

30 August 2016

Sin taxes and saint subsidies

A new book makes an incoherent case for taxing ‘unhealthy’ foods and subsidising those deemed ‘healthy’.

9 October 2015

Neoliberalism: a sick obsession

Claims that capitalism is fuelling illness rest on dodgy stats and hopeless politics.

10 April 2015

Ignore the belt‑tighteners: growth is good

Want to boost people's wellbeing? Then create more wealth.

14 October 2014

America, we need to talk about the word ‘progressive’

Berkeley's proposed soda tax shows the city is no 'bastion of liberty'.