6 October 2017

The fall of the rock stars

David Hepworth’s Uncommon People is a comedic requiem for a lost age.

14 February 2017

David Hockney: from the sun to the sublime

Hockney at his best shows us that we often look but rarely see.

30 December 2016

Bowie: a ceaseless search for the new

Paul Morley’s biography rushes past the modernist genius of David Bowie.

21 December 2016

David Bailey’s NW1: capturing the 1980s

An exhibition of Bailey's NW1 images is a moving testament to impermanence.

12 December 2016

Robert Rauschenberg: a modern great

A wondrous Tate retrospective showcases a man ahead of his time.

28 January 2016

Review: Dietrich vs Riefenstahl

A parallel biography of Lene and Leni illuminates the lives of neither.

1 August 2014

Isaiah vs Isaac: a philosophers’ catfight

Isaiah Berlin’s run-ins with Isaac Deutscher show what a bitch Berlin could be.

7 February 2014

Jews, masturbation and women: the story of Philip Roth

Roth Unbound captures the biographical genius of America's greatest retiree.

6 September 2013

The film bores who can’t see Woody for the trees

A new ‘companion’ to Allen's movies confirms the sterility of film studies.

2 August 2013

Why we’re all in debt to Cezanne

A nobody in his own time, a knockout in ours, he changed how we see the world.