Books 30 December 2009

The racism that dare not speak its name

By challenging the ‘xeno-racist’ immigration policy and practice of European states, Liz Fekete’s A Suitable Enemy makes a refreshing change from the sanctimony of official anti-racism and its tendency to bash the white working class.

18 June 2009

Northern Ireland: the capital of ‘race hate’?

The attacks on Romanian migrants are shocking, but they are not evidence of any widespread virulent racism.

3 September 2007

A thumbs-up for trusting other people

The Hitcher, an exhibition of photographs of hitchhikers and drivers taken by Chris Coekin, reminds us why we shouldn't give in to today's fear of strangers.

9 November 2005

‘What was it all for?’

Why are former Royal Ulster Constabulary officers seeking compensation for stress now, 10 years after the end of the Troubles in Northern Ireland?

19 May 2005

Northern Ireland: a return to ‘extremes’?

The increased vote for Ian Paisley's DUP reflects a new mood of disengagement, not a resurgence of 'tribal loyalties'.

10 September 2004

Exporting vulnerability

The army of trauma counsellors marching on Beslan could do more harm than good.

26 November 2003

Assembly of what?

Northern Ireland's elections expose the political void.

23 October 2003

All process and no politics

For all the recurring crises, Northern Ireland's peace process seems to go on forever.

7 September 2001

Scared - or 'scarred for life'?

Many claim that the schoolchildren of north Belfast will be scarred for life by the past week's sectarian abuse. But children are more robust than we think.

13 July 2001

Northern Ireland: peace, but no politics

The Good Friday Agreement is so vacuous that it can be threatened by a party that can't decide if it is pro- or anti-Agreement (UUP); a party with no alternative to the Agreement (DUP); and the most enthusiastic supporter of the Agreement (Sinn Fein).