5 June 2016

The EU is a mirage

In Brussels, national elites are shielding themselves from their citizens.

7 November 2007

Zoe’s ark: the dangers of ‘DIY humanitarianism’

The 'kidnap' scandal involving a French charity in Chad is a product of the reckless self-righteousness of humanitarian interventionism.

28 June 2007

Europe: whose Treaty is it anyway?

The people of Europe should have the ultimate say over any EU Treaty. Yet some of those calling for a referendum on the matter are driven by an anti-democratic impulse.

14 May 2007

How scary is Sarkozy?

The European left is fast turning the French president into the new bogeyman of Europe. Yet his power base and political programme are not as coherent as they claim.

3 May 2007

The EU is also ‘firing bullets’ at Turkish democracy

The Turkish army is not alone in seeking to override the democratic process in Turkey in order to get the right result.

4 April 2007

‘We all are children of France’

Days of Glory has a less-than-subtle political message: we should all be good patriots now, regardless of our skin colour.

17 August 2006

What will follow Fidel?

When Castro fell ill there was a fevered debate about what will happen to Cuba when he dies. In fact, much ‘transition’ has already occurred.

13 April 2006

In the shadow of the Fifth Republic

The French student protests might be lively, but they have failed to break free of the politics of the past.

21 September 2005

Learning from les rosbifs?

You know the political malaise in France is bad when they start looking to moribund Britain for inspiration.

23 May 2005

The European ‘social model’ - non merci!

Measures such as the Working Time Directive make a virtue out of economic exhaustion.