2 July 2018

Gina Miller’s nasty elitism sums up the Remoaner lobby

How dare you plebs question us experts? This is the cry of Remainers.

26 June 2018

Is the Orwell Prize rewarding conspiracy theories now?

Carole Cadwalladr’s journalism is rife with feverish claims.

25 June 2018

This photo isn’t what it seems – and that really matters

Anti-Trump hysteria means truth takes second place to moral showboating.

22 June 2018

Trump’s critics have destroyed the memory of the Holocaust

Comparing Trump’s policies to the Holocaust is a species of Holocaust denial.

21 June 2018

Rachel, spare us your partisan tears

Anti-Trump emotionalism has become a menace to reasoned debate.

18 June 2018

It isn’t Christopher Chope who’s mad – it’s his haters

The anti-Chope mania confirms the political class has lost the plot.

14 June 2018

Grenfell one year on: the milking of a tragedy

Liberals prefer the poor when they’re suffering rather than revolting.

11 June 2018

Now Remoaners are turning into conspiracy theorists

The idea that Russia masterminded Brexit is an elitist, feverish fantasy.

6 June 2018

No, Islamophobia is not the new anti‑Semitism

It is historically illiterate to compare criticism of Islam with hatred of Jews.

4 June 2018

The moral infantilism of the pro-life lobby

The Irish referendum has utterly shattered pro-life delusions.