14 August 2017

Why Nazis must have freedom of speech

Seven reasons why the far right should never be censored.

2 August 2017

Venezuela: down with this Bonapartist regime

The people suffering under Maduro need our solidarity, not sermons.

25 July 2017

The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics

The Tories’ trans proposals could make it a crime to tell the truth.

19 July 2017

Why we should oppose the ASA’s gender jihad

The moral crusade against ‘gender stereotypes’ is profoundly illiberal.

12 July 2017

Pride comes after the fall

The capitalist spectacle of Pride is the death cry of radical politics.

10 July 2017

This is the scariest Twitch-hunt yet

The hounding of Anne Marie Morris is positively unhinged.

6 July 2017

Corbynistas don’t want to liberate the poor – they want to control them

Corbyn’s nanny-state instincts make Blair look liberal in comparison.

5 July 2017

CNN has officially lost the plot

Its treatment of a meme-making Reddit user has been shocking.

23 June 2017

From Brexit to Grenfell

Why the left prefers the poor when they’re tragic and vulnerable.