29 May 2017

Cancel Sarsour: the hilarious hypocrisy of the alt-right

The alt-right is as shrill and illiberal as the SJWs it hates.

26 May 2017

Katie Hopkins’ sacking: the mob claims another scalp

No one is safe from the middle-class mob of offence-takers.

24 May 2017

This suspension of democracy is a grave error

Freezing the election campaign is the worst response to Manchester.

23 May 2017

After Manchester: it’s time for anger

We need more than mourning in response to the new barbarism.

22 May 2017

Corbyn and the IRA: an infantile scandal

This gotcha moralism is childish, irritating and historically illiterate.

8 May 2017

President Macron: a Pyrrhic victory for the EU elite

The rise of Macron confirms the corrosion of politics as we knew it.

3 May 2017

Forget Putin — it’s Brussels that is meddling in our elections

Juncker’s anti-Brexit leaks are a stab at reshaping British politics.

1 May 2017

Let’s take the fight to the Brexit- blockers

Their slippery rhetoric has been indulged for too long. It’s time for truth.