15 November 2017

Russia and Brexit: a chattering-class conspiracy theory

Remoaners are harming British democracy more than Putin ever could.

8 November 2017

A man is dead. Are the witch-hunters happy now?

Carl Sargeant: a working-class politician destroyed by middle-class hysteria.

#MeToo 6 November 2017

Who will put a brake on this Sexual Inquisition?

The prudish purging of political life is a sinister menace to democracy.

4 November 2017

An anti-capitalist is the most bourgeois thing you can be

Brendan O’Neill reports from last night’s Jacobin debate in NYC.

31 October 2017

#MeToo: the return of recovered memories

The global sex-pest panic echoes a dark moment from history.

30 October 2017

Kevin Spacey is innocent

It isn’t virtuous to believe Spacey’s accuser — it’s backward.

24 October 2017

Now we know: the right is as PC as the left

The Clive Lewis debacle has exposed the right’s own snowflakeism.

23 October 2017

The new feminism is a threat to women’s liberation

Read Brendan O'Neill's foreword to Ella Whelan's new book.

20 October 2017

The Twittermob just went from irritating to dangerous

The destruction of Sam Kriss and Rupert Myers is truly alarming.

16 October 2017

Austria: so much for the death of populism

Austria’s election results are a nightmare for the EU. Good.