16 March 2001

Ireland cancels St Patrick's Day

As the rest of the world goes Celtic for St Patrick's Day, the Emerald Isle cancels celebrations through fear of foot-and-mouth.

15 March 2001

We're all Irish now

The real O'Neill on St Patrick's Day: 'What is happening on 17 March: a multiethnic karaoke night?'

15 March 2001

Me and my vote: Fay Weldon and Will Self

Authors Fay Weldon and Will Self think politics has become boring - boring enough to stop them voting?

13 March 2001

Passive smoke gets in their eyes

Second-hand smoke is assumed to be dangerous. But where is the hard evidence?

8 March 2001

Dixon of dot com

The Internet Watch Foundation says it 'supports free speech' - so what about the thousands of pages it removes from the web each year?

8 March 2001

Me and my vote

Brendan O'Neill quizzes some of the great and the good on their voting intentions at the general election.

8 March 2001

'Animal research is the only hope for people like me'

Despite hate mail and death threats Andrew Blake of Seriously Ill for Medical Research continues to fight in defence of animal research.

28 February 2001

'New hedonism': flipside to fear

Is the post-11 September 'new hedonism' a slap in the face to the culture of fear?

9 February 2001

Me and My Vote: Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside

Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside, the UK's leading agony aunts, worry about who to vote for at the general election.