29 May 2001

Same Oldham story?

When Oldham is painted as a hotbed of racism where whites hate Asians and Asians hate whites, it can't do much for community relations.

25 May 2001

Northern Ireland election: a done deal

The election campaign in Northern Ireland is being described as a 'hot contest' - but it is not so much nationalist v Unionist, as nationalist v nationalist and Unionist v Unionist.

23 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day 16

Roll up for the pensioners' auction; The University of Hot Air; Europe: neutering politics; The passive postal vote; Playing games with the youth vote; Fragmenting education; Vigilantes' Charter; Dogs R Us?

18 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day 11

'Your Family' and other stereotypes; The BBC: Licence to patronise; Socialist Alliance: What's left for the Left?

18 May 2001

Me and my vote: Martin Rowson

The Guardian cartoonist on Tony Blair: 'I think he is sincere, and that's just another thing that makes him so ghastly.'

15 May 2001

Not-so-Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems have made freedom their big election issue - but not freedom as we know it.

15 May 2001

Me and my vote: Julie Hesmondhalgh

As New Labour gets soap stars to back its election campaign, Julie Hesmondhalgh - Coronation Street's Hayley - reckons 'there are so many reasons to NOT vote New Labour'.

14 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Seven

Real Labour; Hard Labour; Never mind the bollards; Sketchy future; Scotland - out of kilter?; Geri for PM; Islington's cash-for-votes policy; Politics Hertz.

11 May 2001

Election spiked-geist: Day Four

NHS investment - a 'crucial' choice or a tiny difference?; Northern Ireland - 'the right to be policed'.

11 May 2001

Me and my vote: Peter Tatchell

'I'm not sure about arresting Blair. You'd have a harder time getting to him than you would to Mugabe.'