12 June 2001

Why banning the BNP is bad for democracy

We might never know exactly why some voters in Oldham supported the BNP - because the whole affair has been a debate-free zone.

7 June 2001

What the papers say before polling day

The newspapers' leaders give you a sense of Labour being the least bad of a very bad bunch, rather than a great choice for Britain.

6 June 2001

spiked-geist: Day 30

The most important election in history?; Guilt trips; Lower education

4 June 2001

Me and my vote: Richard Holloway

The former Bishop of Edinburgh: 'The election is a bit like an Olympic Games - only you've got paraplegics battling against truly able-bodied athletes, rather than a contest of equals.'

1 June 2001

spiked-geist: Day 25

Conservatives implode; Election dotbomb; Tories online; Big Brother; On Labour's campaign trail; Did things get better?

1 June 2001

Me and my vote: Anthony H Wilson

'No one was ever going to elect Michael Foot or Neil fucking hunchback Kinnock or the awful John Smith. But Blair is electable - so let's get back into power.'

31 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day 24

Big Brother; Be part of it. (Please.); Tories: things can only get worse

31 May 2001

Jim Royle, Bagpuss, Tigger...how students see politicians

spiked-survey: 'Students may not be fired up about the Euro or tax, but there is one issue they are divided on - whether John Prescott is more like Jim Royle or Homer Simpson.'

30 May 2001

Me and my vote: Susie Orbach

'We don't need more conflict and argument among politicians, but a bit of courage to solve the nation's problems.'

29 May 2001

Same Oldham story?

When Oldham is painted as a hotbed of racism where whites hate Asians and Asians hate whites, it can't do much for community relations.