15 November 2001

Hitchens vs Hitchens

Brothers Christopher and Peter disagree on everything from terrorism and the Taliban to secularism and safety - but both would like to see a clash of civilisations.

2 November 2001

spiked-bites, 2 November

What is the true death toll of 11 September?; Seeing possible terrorist targets everywhere.

2 November 2001

Beefing up the debate

How a public health consultant challenged the orthodoxy on mad cows and CJD.

30 October 2001

Ireland after 11 September

How did a terrorist attack on the USA lead to talk of spiritual and moral renewal in Ireland?

19 October 2001

Fighting talk: Claire Rayner and Peter Tatchell

Claire Rayner on how Blair's 'war glee' has frightened the socks off her - and Peter Tatchell on the new restrictions on the 'right to insult and offend'.

19 October 2001

Fighting talk: Claire Rayner

Claire Rayner on how Blair's 'war glee' has frightened the socks off her.

16 October 2001

The piece movement

Medics against war, accountants against war, whores against war...the CND-organised protest against the bombing of Afghanistan on 13 October certainly brought different groups together. But where was the unity?

11 October 2001

Fighting talk: Howard Jacobson and John Pilger

Howard Jacobson can't decide whether the West should 'bomb everything everywhere' or 'don't bomb anything anywhere' - and John Pilger calls Blair 'a contemptible opportunist'.

11 October 2001

More to it than anti-war

Why does the anti-war movement focus on bombs when diplomacy can be just as dangerous?

9 October 2001

Fighting talk: Sir John Mortimer and David Starkey

Sir John Mortimer describes New Labour's proposal to outlaw religious hatred as a 'victory for the Taliban', while David Starkey claims there's nothing to Blair's war 'but words'.