2 July 2002

War against what?

Bin Laden, the Taliban, terrorism, evil, poverty, tooth decay, boredom...what are allied forces fighting against in the war on terror?

2 July 2002

One wedding, many funerals

What has the US airforce got against Afghan wedding parties?

19 June 2002

Pluck off

If I hear the Irish football team described as plucky, brave or courageous one more time, I'll spit.

12 June 2002

The myth of the far right

The obsession with the rise of the right tells us more about European elites' insecurity than about any real fascist threat.

24 May 2002

Why the marines messed up

It's easier to fight a war in the British tabloids than in the Afghan hills.

14 May 2002

How hardline is Israel?

Israeli policy on Palestine is more fluid than many commentators think.

3 May 2002

Muddled marines

Will Britain's Royal Marines 'finish off bin Laden' - or just 'cramp his style'?

1 May 2002

Who divided Oldham?

Was it the far-right BNP - or mainstream anti-racist policies? Brendan O'Neill reports from Britain's 'race-hate capital'.

18 April 2002

Pill panics and food fights

A round-up of scare stories that hit the headlines in March.

17 April 2002

The sleaze disease

How did a ridiculous panic over smallpox descend into a scandal over sleaze?