5 February 2002

All the world's a prison

David Blunkett's 'third way' for prisons risks making jailbirds of us all.

31 January 2002

Food, drink, drugs and holidays

A round-up of January's health scares, lifestyle panics and other blown-up fears.

20 December 2001

A creaky theory

Whatever the war in Afghanistan is about, it's not about oil.

18 December 2001

Have yourself a very scary Christmas

Vicars want it banned, police warn of its hidden dangers, and charities reckon it can drive us to drink and distraction - why is everybody so down about Christmas?

13 December 2001

Dancing your worries away?

Brendan O'Neill dug out his old school tie to swing his pants with 3000 clubbers at London's School Disco.

10 December 2001

‘It has nothing to do with finding the truth’

Irish political activist Bernadette McAliskey on how the Bloody Sunday Inquiry is like therapy for Derry.

4 December 2001

Peace process gone wrong?

The upsurge in violence between Israel and Palestine is not a deviation from the Middle Eastern process, but a result of it.

23 November 2001

Don't buy it

Buy Nothing Day won't tackle global poverty, but it might annoy Christmas shoppers.

15 November 2001

Hitchens vs Hitchens

Brothers Christopher and Peter disagree on everything from terrorism and the Taliban to secularism and safety - but both would like to see a clash of civilisations.

2 November 2001

spiked-bites, 2 November

What is the true death toll of 11 September?; Seeing possible terrorist targets everywhere.