24 July 2001

G8 expectations

Condemning the 'mindless violence' of anti-capitalist protesters lets everybody off the hook - protesters and authorities alike.

18 July 2001

Training to complain

The UK rail network covers its tracks (no pun intended) with apologies left, right and centre, while passengers moan and whine. No wonder Richard Branson travels by balloon.

9 July 2001

Oldham: unasked questions

As the police, politicians and media talk about the 'shame of Oldham', the truth is that they are responsible for it. Brendan O'Neill reports from Greater Manchester.

4 July 2001

Shrek: the anti-fairytale

Forget living happily ever after - Shrek's stars are an ugly beast and an ugly princess who live 'ugly ever after'.

3 July 2001

Northern Ireland: Trimbling at the brink?

The first minister has gone - but the peace process, and the instability it brings, will go on.

21 June 2001

Frank about memoirs

Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes, on fact, fiction and why 'there's more to Frank McCourt than feckin Frank McCourt'.

12 June 2001

Why banning the BNP is bad for democracy

We might never know exactly why some voters in Oldham supported the BNP - because the whole affair has been a debate-free zone.

7 June 2001

What the papers say before polling day

The newspapers' leaders give you a sense of Labour being the least bad of a very bad bunch, rather than a great choice for Britain.

6 June 2001

spiked-geist: Day 30

The most important election in history?; Guilt trips; Lower education

4 June 2001

Me and my vote: Richard Holloway

The former Bishop of Edinburgh: 'The election is a bit like an Olympic Games - only you've got paraplegics battling against truly able-bodied athletes, rather than a contest of equals.'