28 August 2002

'A link between Saddam and bin Laden? No way'

The editor of Britain's top military journal picks some holes in the US case for war.

20 August 2002

Theatre as therapy

Young New Yorkers are taking their post-11 September angst to the Edinburgh stage.

16 August 2002

In pursuit of the unknowable

The USA is planning a secret worldwide war against remaining al-Qaeda members - as soon as it finds out where they are.

2 August 2002

The new nostalgia

Why are young adults getting teary-eyed for childhoods they have just left behind?

25 July 2002

Bush's Gulf War syndrome

Far from being a 'safe bet', the USA's plans to attack Iraq have highlighted its inability to act decisively

10 July 2002

Military imprecision

One year on, Brendan O'Neill counts down the Top 10 errors of the war on terror.

10 July 2002

Street theatre at Drumcree

Far from signalling a return to the Troubles, the annual 'Battle of Drumcree' is a pantomime conflict.

4 July 2002

Only dopes get duped

Those who claim that they were duped over Gulf War II are only fooling themselves.

2 July 2002

War against what?

Bin Laden, the Taliban, terrorism, evil, poverty, tooth decay, boredom...what are allied forces fighting against in the war on terror?

2 July 2002

One wedding, many funerals

What has the US airforce got against Afghan wedding parties?