8 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day One

Tinkering with politics; Gorging on humble pie; Bunking off Downing Street; Tories: the musical.

8 May 2001

Me and my vote: JG Ballard

'Politics has been downgraded. It is no longer a matter of competing ideologies, but has become a kind of public relations exercise.'

1 May 2001

Me and my vote: Pub Landlord and Stewart Lee

Al Murray's Pub Landlord is described as 'one of the few remaining Tory blokes'. So how come he's voting New Labour? Plus: Stewart Lee on why there's more to political satire than Ann Widdecombe's hair.

24 April 2001

The new etiquette on asylum

The government's treatment of asylum seekers is far more offensive than its language.

17 April 2001

Why I won't tick the Irish box

The Irish category in the UK census will reveal a lot about modern Britain - except how many Irish people live here.

10 April 2001

Royals without royalty

What is the point of Edward and Sophie?

10 April 2001

Down with 'The People's Monarchy'

Why puking princesses are bad for democracy.

10 April 2001

Fake sheiks and redundant royals

Forget Sophie-gate. As everybody wants to debate the roles of minor royals, why is there such reticence to suggest that the Queen should give up her job?

2 April 2001

When foot-and-mouth didn't make the front page

How the UK media reported the last major foot-and-mouth outbreak in 1967.

29 March 2001

Intensive farming debates

Why is there such opposition to modern farming techniques?