11 October 2001

More to it than anti-war

Why does the anti-war movement focus on bombs when diplomacy can be just as dangerous?

9 October 2001

Fighting talk: Sir John Mortimer and David Starkey

Sir John Mortimer describes New Labour's proposal to outlaw religious hatred as a 'victory for the Taliban', while David Starkey claims there's nothing to Blair's war 'but words'.

25 September 2001

The good, the bad and the therapy

The way the web was viewed after the terrorist attacks on America revealed the extent of our love/hate relationship with the internet.

25 September 2001

No politics please, we’re peace campaigners

At a peace vigil in London on 22 September, what seemed to bother the protesters more than anything was America's 'attitude'.

19 September 2001

Terrorising liberty

The last time a UK government declared 'war on terrorism', the first casualty was liberty.

14 September 2001

‘Weeping for everything’

As the Queen's Guard played the American national anthem to honour the victims of the attack on America, there was little sense of 'collective grief' - just sad, confused individuals wanting to 'do something, anything'.

5 September 2001

A sectarian peace

As schoolchildren get caught up in sectarian clashes in north Belfast, Brendan O'Neill explains how Northern Ireland's peace process deepened the sectarian divide.

14 August 2001

The great parades debate

The Orange Order is suing the Northern Ireland Parades Commission for breaching the European Convention on Human Rights by undermining the right to march. Brendan O'Neill 'facilitated a debate'.

7 August 2001

A film called Injustice

Why has a documentary film about deaths in police custody been chased out of cinemas across the UK?

31 July 2001

Beyond the boy zone

Do lads need to be taught self-esteem, or should they be left alone to grow into men?