23 June 2017

From Brexit to Grenfell

Why the left prefers the poor when they’re tragic and vulnerable.

21 June 2017

The mainstreaming of the terror prejudice

Islamists and ‘liberals’ are united in their contempt for the demos.

19 June 2017

After the fire

There’s something darkly pre-modern in the left’s attitude to Grenfell.

15 June 2017

Please stop exploiting the dead of Grenfell Tower

Some Labourites are using the Grenfell disaster to score political points.

12 June 2017

The rise of Labour, the death of Labourism

Corbyn’s success confirms the hollowing-out of the left.

9 June 2017

The return of two-party politics? Dream on

The stakes in politics have rarely been higher, especially for us democrats.

6 June 2017

Let’s celebrate the heroes of London Bridge

With beer bottles and skateboards, they stood up to theocratic terror.

5 June 2017

Keep calm and carry on? No thanks

Brendan O'Neill makes the case for anger and action after terrorism.

4 June 2017

After London: let’s start talking about Islam

Protecting Islam from ridicule has had disastrous consequences.