15 March 2017

Thou shalt not ‘make light’ of gay marriage

A beer boycott Down Under shows how authoritarian gay marriage has become.

10 March 2017

£24,000 for a tweet? What a dark day for free speech

The suing of Katie Hopkins is a scandal.

10 March 2017

Bill Leak: a free‑speech hero

Brendan O'Neill pays tribute to the great Australian cartoonist.

27 February 2017

No, Hitler was not democratically elected

On the anniversary of the Reichstag Fire, let’s defend democracy.

25 February 2017

The Culture War over Sweden

The Trump Sweden controversy shines a light on the West’s disarray.

20 February 2017

What fascism is, and isn’t

Trump’s America doesn’t even come close to fascism.

16 February 2017

Why you should back neither side in the Flynn scandal

Both Trump and his critics are damaging democratic politics.

13 February 2017

David Davis and the rise of the Thought Police

That Davis had to publicly apologise for private texts is alarming.