24 July 2018

Let them be executed

The ‘ISIS Beatles’ must face the consequences for their barbarism.

19 July 2018

Labour’s problem with Jews is getting worse

The message is clear now: we trust you less than other minorities.

18 July 2018

They are not communists, you idiots

Calm down, right-wingers: Corbynistas are squarer than you think.

16 July 2018

Those anti-Trump protests were really, really weird

This was atomised middle-class angst dressed up as radicalism.

13 July 2018

It isn’t Islamophobic to criticise Sadiq Khan

It is censorious to brand Trump a bigot for criticising the mayor.

12 July 2018

The two Englands

The World Cup has been brilliant. But it didn’t bring us together.

10 July 2018

Trans activism is now just misogyny in drag

The attack on Alison Moyet shows how sexist trans thinking has become.

9 July 2018

The crisis of democracy

David Davis's resignation confirms that no party is willing to deliver Brexit.

8 July 2018

The dimming of democracy

Theresa May’s sell-out on Brexit is a grave insult to the democratic ideal.

6 July 2018

In defence of men

Masculine virtues are universal virtues, and they should be celebrated.