23 May 2018

Just say Yes

Brendan O’Neill reports from Dublin on the abortion referendum.

The ugly trade in Palestinian pain

Western liberals bear some responsibility for the violence in Gaza.

20 May 2018

Oh spare us this Woke Monarchy

The new aristocrats are as irritating as the old ones.

16 May 2018

Why Ireland must repeal the Eighth Amendment

The right to abortion is one of the most essential liberties.

15 May 2018

The siege of Israel

The demonisation of Israel is nurturing a new kind of conflict.

10 May 2018

A manifesto for heresy

Say the unsayable: read the speech Brendan O’Neill gave at Oxford this week.

4 May 2018

Forget Corbynism – the real ‘momentum’ is with Brexit

It’s clear now: Labour is the party of the establishment and status quo.

2 May 2018

Why the left has turned its back on freedom of speech

The left’s embrace of censorship is the great political tragedy of our time.

23 April 2018

The Windrush fallout has shattered every Remainer prejudice

British people don’t hate migrants. They simply want some say on migration.

19 April 2018

The Lords’ vote for a customs union is a vile assault on democracy

Unelected peers are engaged in an elitist revolt against the masses.