19 September 2017

Parsons Green: silence in the face of terror

Scores dead in six months. When will we take Islamist terror seriously?

15 September 2017

A killing in Harlow: the shame of Remainers

We must confront the elite’s lies about the killing of Arek Jozwik.

11 September 2017

A rapist in a women’s prison? Society has lost the plot

It is time people took a stand against the trans ideology.

7 September 2017

So, should we ban Catholics from public life?

The attacks on Jacob Rees-Mogg have a whiff of anti-religious prejudice.

5 September 2017

This isn’t anti-racism – it’s middle-class misanthropy

Munroe Bergdorf’s class snobbery reveals a lot about identity politics.

24 August 2017

The fascism delusion

The left’s fear of neo-Nazism has become a McCarthyite moral panic.

21 August 2017

An Orwellian war on the past

The control of public space is an attempt to control thinking itself.

18 August 2017

From Charlottesville to Barcelona

It’s clear now: the left only hates certain kinds of neo-fascism.

16 August 2017

Hands off the Sun!

Corbynistas calling for journalists to be sacked are like jumped-up Joe Stalins.