29 April 2015

Je suis Charlie? I’m sorry, but that’s no longer enough

‘Je suis Charlie’ has become a dogma, harming the fight for free speech.

27 April 2015

Are you now or have you ever been a climate contrarian?

The fury over Bjorn Lomborg Down Under confirms the intolerance of greens.

Kick the cops out of the election campaign

The investigation of Jim Wells is the behaviour of a police state.

23 April 2015

The black hole where the election ought to be

The UK election is a sham. It’s time for a whole new politics.

21 April 2015

Let them in

We shouldn’t demonise or infantilise African migrants. We should welcome them.

18 April 2015

Hopkins Hate and the inhumanity of political correctness

The latest Twitterfury with Katie Hopkins exposes the ugliness of PC.

13 April 2015

The rise of Hillary and the death of politics

Clinton’s gender-obsessed campaign confirms the end of political life.

8 April 2015

From Ireland to Indiana, the spread of gay-marriage groupthink

Why the campaign for same-sex hitching is so censorious and intolerant.

30 March 2015

Only a mug would vote for the anti-immigrant Labour Party

Why the outrage over a mug? Labour has been bashing migrants for 50 years.