23 January 2015

‘We must have the freedom to offend anyone’

Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak on satire, censorship and mocking Muhammad.

23 January 2015

Boris: the only Brit allowed to point a gun at the Islamic State

Pretending to fight IS is fine – actually doing it apparently isn't.

21 January 2015

Where’s the ‘Je Suis Page 3’ movement?

Boobs, prophets – true press freedom means nothing should be off limits.

13 January 2015

Je suis Charlie? Then challenge the Islamophobia industry

The accusation of ‘Islamophobia’ is designed to strangle critical thinking.

8 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo: Combattons pour le droit d’être offensant

Répondons à ce massacre en renforçant la liberté d’expression.

5 January 2015

‘Justice for Leelah’: behold the new, PC intolerance

The abuse of Leelah's parents echoes the antics of the Westboro Baptist Church.

29 December 2014

10 kickass things humanity did in 2014

Even in this era of low expectations, intellectual daring finds a way.

23 December 2014

In 2015, have cojones: say no to self-censorship

People gagged themselves too willingly in 2014 – let's make next year different.

17 December 2014

Hands off the human footprint!

We should expand our eco-footprint: read spiked’s climate manifesto.