30 April 2016

Labour, anti‑Semitism and the cult of ‘You Can’t Say That!’

The Livingstone debacle exposes both sides in Labour's anti-Semitism row.

London Mayoral Election 27 April 2016

A deep green in charge of London? I don’t think so

Having Zac Goldsmith run London would be like asking a nun to run a brothel.

20 April 2016

Leftists for the EU: the radical wing of the oligarchy

The left’s journey from democracy to technocracy is complete.

14 April 2016

Why has the Guardian declared war on internet freedom?

The voice of liberal England is seriously illiberal about the web.

6 April 2016

No, Charlie Hebdo’s editorial is not racist

Turns out the Charlie haters are even dimmer than we thought.

6 April 2016

The Panama Papers: rich-bashing won’t fix the crisis

Moral disgust with the super-wealthy is such lame socialism.

30 March 2016

The EU battle: they’re all part of Project Fear now

Both Leave and Stay play the fear card, and that’s bad for democracy.

26 March 2016

One hundred years on: the dream of the Republic

The Easter Rising remains an inspiring blow for freedom.

22 March 2016

Let’s hit the terrorists where it hurts

Hurt the terrorists by being free: Brendan O'Neill in English and Dutch.

15 March 2016

The tyranny of censorship: Ireland’s war on ‘evil’ books

The Irish state has just banned an obscene novel. That is outrageous.