24 August 2015

Banksy: the master of middle‑class misanthropy

Dismaland is a big fat joke at the masses' expense.

12 August 2015

We must be free to hurt Muslims’ feelings

Why we must stand with Bangladesh’s vilified secularist bloggers.

3 August 2015

The Calais migrants and the moral bankruptcy of PC

Why some people are angrier about Cameron's words than his actions.

27 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: a sinner against the Third Way

Corbynphobia reveals the terrifying conformism of modern British politics.

18 July 2015

A newspaper bans its own Nick Cave story – the Twittermob strikes again

The ease with which mobs can demolish content is terrifying.

13 July 2015

Syriza has stabbed the Greek people in the back

Syriza’s undermining of Greek democracy is even worse than the EU’s.

8 July 2015

Greece isn’t the only victim of EU elitism

Brussels' repulsive treatment of Greece is business as usual.

30 June 2015

Tunisia was a bloody crime, not an act of war

The best response to this massacre? More freedom, more holidays.

25 June 2015

Who really wants to impose austerity?

The left rages against mild Tory cuts yet dreams of imposing real austerity.