24 July 2014

Your pity for Palestinians is making things worse in Gaza

Western thirst for images of the dead could be contributing to the bloodshed.

21 July 2014

The West’s cynical milking of the Ukraine air tragedy

The West is grotesquely trying to rebuild its prestige on the debris of MH17.

15 July 2014

There’s something very ugly in this rage against Israel

The line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism gets thinner every day.

7 July 2014

Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse

After Rolf, the Westminster ‘child sex ring’: why the paedo-scare won’t die.

30 June 2014

Censorship is being outsourced to the mob

Two recent cases Down Under show how dangerous Twittermobs can be.

26 June 2014

Et tu, Dave?

Cameron’s denunciation of Andy Coulson was an ugly act of political disloyalty.

16 June 2014

Iraq: there is no Western solution, and never was one

Western intervention has destroyed Iraq, as spiked predicted it would.

10 June 2014

General Sisi and the death of democracy

Everyone’s democratic rights are threatened by the tyranny in Egypt.

9 June 2014

The Tuam tank: another myth about evil Ireland

The obsession with Ireland’s dark past has officially become unhinged.