17 January 2018

Now we know who really fears and loathes Poles – Remainers

The EU lobby's disgust with Poland exposes its deep prejudices.

11 January 2018

The misogyny of #MeToo

The rage against Katie Roiphe exposes feminism’s hatred of women.

9 January 2018

Toby Young and the purification of public life

The squares and bores and censors are taking over politics.

3 January 2018

In praise of Iran’s brave rebels

Why aren’t more Westerners cheering this epic fight for democracy?

28 December 2017

The rise of the terror amnesia industry

In 2017, our response to terrorism became dangerously passive.

27 December 2017

The witch-hunting of Lewis Hamilton

The middle-class media mob is officially out of control.

25 December 2017

spiked’s person of the year: the unflinching Brexiteer

Brexit voters have reminded the world what conviction looks like.

23 December 2017

The revealing hysteria over blue passports

Elite Remainers finally reveal how much they despise ordinary people.

19 December 2017

When you attack democracy, you piss people off

The public fury with Remoaner MPs is perfectly rational.

14 December 2017

Rita, Sue and #MeToo

The cancellation of Andrea Dunbar’s play is a disgrace.