20 July 2016

The Turkish coup and the crisis of liberalism

The failed putsch exposes the problems facing modernity itself.

15 July 2016

We need the Bastille spirit more than ever

After Nice, the fight for freedom and democracy must get real.

13 July 2016

After Brexit: the myth of post‑truth politics

Remain has become a religion, whose Truth we must not deny.

Chilcot: the worst kind of whitewash

You think we know the truth about Iraq? Think again.

4 July 2016

‘Trigger Article 50!’: the great democratic cry of our times

Join spiked’s campaign to defend democracy.

29 June 2016

Brexit: this was a vote against bigotry, not for it

The people have rebelled against the bigotry of the elites.

28 June 2016

Yes, this is a crisis: a brilliant crisis packed with possibility

Be not afraid of Brexit: it is a wonderful moment for rethinking society.

24 June 2016

Brexit: a brilliant revolt against the political class

The referendum result exposes the chasm between them and us.

23 June 2016

Why today is a great day for democracy

Yes, Pandora’s Box has been opened. Let’s keep it that way.

17 June 2016

Jo Cox: don’t use this tragedy to tame democracy

The media’s exploitation of Cox’s murder marks a new low.