8 December 2016

The myth of the 48%

The anti-Brexit mob is the most elitist British movement in memory.

30 November 2016

Eric Bristow’s tormentors are far more immoral than he is

Piers Morgan vs Eric Bristow was a grotesque spectacle.

29 November 2016

In defence of ‘the poorest hee’

The brilliant democratic cry of the Levellers remains unanswered.

24 November 2016

Remainers, please, let Jo Cox rest in peace

The media’s use of Cox to score political points is grotesque.

10 November 2016

A Trumpocalypse? Oh do grow up

It is the anti-Trump set that is trading reason for emotionalism.

8 November 2016

Against Trump,
for democracy

His shallow, illiberal campaign is the sordid end result of anti-politics.

7 November 2016

The fight for Brexit is a fight for democracy

The masses – not lawyers or experts or politicos – should shape the nation.

3 November 2016

Article 50: down with this legal coup against the masses

The use of the law to stymie Brexit is a naked, elitist assault on democracy.

3 November 2016

Michael Moore: the Leni Riefenstahl of the Hillary campaign

Moore shreds his own reputation with his propagandistic ode to Hillary.

26 October 2016

You’re so vain you think this refugee crisis is about you

Both sides in the child-refugee debate are astonishingly self-obsessed.