16 December 2014

After the Sydney siege, the clash of the fearmongers

Some peddle fear of Islamofascism, others promote panic about Islamophobia.

15 December 2014

The war on rape: the logic of the lynch mob returns

Five ways in which today’s feminist war on rape echoes the KKK’s war on rape.

11 December 2014

After Ferguson: who’s really racialising America?

Progressives are now the most fervent promoters of racialised thinking.

8 December 2014

#Gamergate: we must fight for the right to fantasise

The war on violent videogames is a war on the freedom of thought itself.

25 November 2014

Bill Cosby
is innocent

We forget this at our peril.

20 November 2014

Why I am pro-choice

Read the speech Brendan O’Neill was banned from making at Oxford University.

19 November 2014

Democracy is dying. Here’s how to revive it

Our dilapidated democracy just needs one thing: bigger, better ideas.

13 November 2014

Secretary of state for conspiracy theories

How Theresa May is fuelling unfounded rumours about ‘VIP paedos’.

11 November 2014

‘Death to Dapper’: behold the new intolerance

The terrifying censoriousness of the campaign against Dapper Laughs.

3 November 2014

‘Without artistic freedom, we are not a civilised people’

Peter Gelb of the Met in NYC on why he staged The Death of Klinghoffer.