29 September 2014

The Iraq debate: a fight among fearmongers

Both the pro- and anti-war sides have substituted panic for principle.

19 September 2014

Get the police off our tweets!

A senior British police officer has threatened to punish offensive speech online - where's the outrage over such Orwellianism?

19 September 2014

Scotland: once again the demos save the day

The masses are far more rational than the unhinged political class.

18 September 2014

Say No

Democracy itself is on the line in today’s referendum.

15 September 2014

The West’s sad semi-war against ISIS is worse than useless

Our leaders say the Islamic State threatens civilisation – why won’t they fight it?

Must-reads from the past week

A Travis-ty of justice

A Travis-ty of justice

Self, Orwell and the English language

Self, Orwell and the English language

12 September 2014

Owen Jones' middle-class moralism

The Establishment is possibly the least convincing portrait of power ever painted.

10 September 2014

We must stop bowing to this censorious army of offence-takers

The Economist’s withdrawal of an ‘offensive’ review sets a dangerous precedent.

9 September 2014

Saving the Union by killing it

In promising devo max, Better Together is doing the 'Yes' campaign's work for it.

3 September 2014

Gawping at nude celeb pics is not a crime

Privacy cannot be protected from a voyeuristic culture by more laws.

27 August 2014

What Rotherham reveals about the corrosion of community life

The abuse scandal exposes the dangers of welfarism and multiculturalism.