3 February 2016

We must have the freedom to hate

Hatred isn’t big or clever, but it should never be a crime.

25 January 2016

In dystopian Britain, the police now hunt down ‘pre-rapists’

Sexual Risk Orders are ripping apart liberty and due process.

14 January 2016

After Cologne: let’s ‘dare to say how things really are’

The furore about those sexual assaults says more about ‘our’ culture than ‘theirs’.

8 January 2016

Saudi Arabia vs Iran: much more than a religious war

The Saudi-Iran tensions speak to the exhaustion of politics.

28 December 2015

Never mind Rhodes – it’s the cult of the victim that must fall

What the rotten anti-Rhodes movement reveals about 2015.

14 December 2015

War on Corbyn: the Tyranny of the Moderates

Anti-Corbynism speaks to the anti-democratic drabness of our era.

10 December 2015

The crisis of character

Identity politics and the death of the individual.

8 December 2015

Tyson Fury: falling victim to PC tyranny

It’s an outrage that the police are investigating Fury’s beliefs.