17 April 2014

‘The state should never be the arbiter of what people can think’

Brendan O’Neill meets the Voltaire-inspired attorney general of Australia.

Editorial 15 April 2014

spiked: a free-for-all of ideas and debate

Some changes at spiked plus.

10 April 2014

Weeping for Peaches: ersatz grief gone mad

The Geldof grief-fest shows how ravenous the cult of mourning has become.

Campaign introduction 2 April 2014

Let everyone think what he likes and say what he thinks

Why spiked is launching a campaign for unfettered freedom of speech.

31 March 2014

Gay marriage: the fastest-formed orthodoxy ever?

It is scary how quickly gay marriage became dogma.

25 March 2014

A radical redefinition of what radicalism means

The Labourites calling for a ‘bold and radical’ agenda need a dictionary.

Editorial 25 March 2014

A radical redefinition of what radicalism means

The friends of Labour calling on Ed Miliband to be ‘bold and radical’ really should invest in a dictionary.

18 March 2014

If Europe is so free, why won’t it allow free debate on Ukraine?

The same Euro-politicians who claim to have delivered Ukraine into freedom now want to clamp down on free discussion about Ukraine.

Editorial 18 March 2014

Why is British politics in an ‘Eton mess’?

The re-emergence of an Eton set speaks to the hollowing out of the democratic sphere.

Editorial 11 March 2014

Who owns your organs – you or the state?

The system of presumed consent on organ donation dilutes our moral autonomy.