27 May 2015

The trouble with gay marriage

Yes, Ireland has entered a new era of equality – but not the positive kind.

21 May 2015

‘Je Suis Charlie’: a caricature of freedom of speech

The pro-Charlie set is now holding back the fight for free expression.

13 May 2015

The Guardian exposes Prince Charles as a Guardianista!

What a fantastic irony: his letters to ministers show how very Guardian he is.

13 May 2015

800 years on,
why Magna Carta still matters

The document that built a ‘brazen wall’ to guard the individual from the state.

11 May 2015

The fury of the elites: when the little people reject Labour

Behold the oligarchical contempt for the demos, and for democracy itself.

Election 2015: Social democracy is dead. Don’t mourn

The results confirm the end of Labour, and the space for something new.

5 May 2015

Labour: the death star of youthful energy

Young people, don’t vote Labour. Do something daring instead.

29 April 2015

Je suis Charlie? I’m sorry, but that’s no longer enough

‘Je suis Charlie’ has become a dogma, harming the fight for free speech.

27 April 2015

Enforcing eco-orthodoxy Down Under

The fury over Bjorn Lomborg Down Under confirms the intolerance of greens.

Kick the cops out of the election campaign

The investigation of Jim Wells is the behaviour of a police state.