8 April 2010

Political prejudices dressed up as science

It is their doom-laden political outlook that really convinces greens the world is ending, not scientific evidence.

9 February 2010

Let’s pick apart this politics of doom

‘Climategate’ confirms what many of us already knew: that claims of future catastrophe are political, not scientific.

6 January 2010

Why Copenhagen was bound to fail

With deep divisions within the green camp and little popular support without, Copenhagen could not succeed.

9 June 2009

Greenpeace: putting trees before people

The claim that massive areas of rainforest are being cut down to make way for grazing pasture is a lot of bull dung.

25 February 2009

‘We have an extremely selfish population’

Ben Pile talks to a member of the UK Climate Change Committee — and to one of its staunchest critics.

24 September 2008

Going over the top in the ‘climate war’

A recent BBC series showed how dubious scientific conclusions are weapons in the politicised debate over global warming.

10 September 2008

Environmentalism or death: that's the choice?

It’s fitting that the scaremonger Caroline Lucas has been elected first leader of the doom-obsessed Green Party.

15 May 2007

The Royal Society’s ‘motto-morphosis’

It is an ominous sign that the prestigious scientific institution has changed its motto from 'on the word of no one' to 'respect the facts'.

13 October 2006

Debunking the debunkers

There should be more to scepticism than angry rants about stupid religious people or New Age mysticism.