13 August 2012

Why facts cut no ice
in the climate debate

Reports of Greenland’s ice melting are overheated because the eco-outlook poisons both science and politics.

3 July 2012

Rio+20: a tyranny
of green do-gooders

The latest ‘save the planet’ shindig provided yet another chance for political poseurs to dictate our future.

17 May 2012

‘The real enemy is humanity itself’

At Rio+20 next month, the world’s elites will meet in Brazil with the aim of holding back human progress.

28 February 2012

Greens, face it: we’re just not that into you

As ‘Fakegate’ inconvenient truth for greens is there is no denialist conspiracy blocking climate-change action.

14 February 2012

Climate-change alarmism: fuelled by fantasy

As a study of the state of the world’s glaciers indicates, climate catastrophists are still making it up as they go along.

25 January 2012

Greens to sceptics: show us the money!

The campaign to get a tiny charity to reveal its backers is driven by a desire to stamp out any eco-criticism.

14 December 2011

The delusions of the climate technocrats

The last people you should trust to save the world are the whiners and bureaucrats gathered in Durban.

21 November 2011

Not the BEST way to debate climate

A study prompted by ‘Climategate’ has been held up as proof that sceptics are wrong. The truth is far murkier.

28 September 2011

Time to put this morality tale on ice

Greens are using misinformation about melting Arctic ice caps to try to scare us into accepting their reactionary policies.

12 September 2011

Wishing Greenpeace an unhappy birthday

For 40 years, big green NGOs have helped to denigrate democracy and stand in the way of progress.