31 July 2018

Maybe this heatwave is just a heatwave

Why climate alarmists see all extreme weather as a portent of doom.

15 January 2018

The real problem is plastic politicians

It is MPs’ nonsense war on plastic that should be thrown away.

27 December 2017

2017: turning the tide on green crap?

Eco-miserabilism suffered some welcome setbacks this year.

12 September 2017

Beware greens’ scaremongering

Extreme weather is less of a threat than it ever has been.

27 February 2017

How the pollution panic hurts the poor

London's air isn't shortening people's lives – poverty is.

17 January 2017

London is not bound in toxic smog

The scaremongering about air pollution is blighting innovation in the capital.

17 December 2015

Paris talks: agreeing to dodge democracy

Climate advocacy has become a refuge for political no-hopers.

20 November 2015

The world needs more energy, not green BS

Western governments and agencies are now standing in the way of development.