20 March 2017

The war of the veil

When it’s okay to say no hijabs allowed.

1 March 2017

A travesty of justice

The criminal justice system is enabling false allegations.

8 February 2017

‘My thinking was infected’

A Canadian judge has been forced to capitulate to feminist groupthink.

31 January 2017

This is how to inquire into child abuse

Northern Ireland shows us the right way to address past crimes.

8 December 2016

The Harding Clark report: when hysteria trumps fact

A new Irish report on symphysiotomy reveals the dangers of victim culture.

22 November 2016

The tyranny of ‘believe the victim’

In the pursuit of ‘VIP paedos', fundamental principles were jettisoned.

7 September 2016

Addicted to the state

A recent human-rights case shows the dangers of giving addicts drug substitutes.

4 August 2016

False allegations: a stain on justice

In their rush to 'believe the victim', the courts are ruining lives.

25 May 2016

The family courts make a mockery of justice

It’s little wonder people are fearful of making abuse allegations.

16 May 2016

Calling out false abuse allegations

A new study shows how pseudo-victims’ claims differ to those of true victims.