26 March 2014

How UK judges forgot the meaning of ‘liberty’

A recent ruling of the UK Supreme Court treats disabled people in good care as if they were prisoners.

12 December 2013

The judges playing doctors and nurses

Why are family courts making medical decisions on behalf of clinicians and patients?

6 December 2013

The inhumanity of a forced Caesarean

The Italian woman forced to have a C-section was effectively treated as a fetal container.

11 November 2013

Believe the victim: a recipe for injustice

The innocent suffer when we’re encouraged to believe all claimants.

23 October 2013

Keep the law out of disabled care

People with low mental capacity living in suitable care are not 'in detention', despite what officials believe.

16 September 2013

The dubious gift of human rights

The European Convention on Human Rights is 60 years old this month - but this is no cause for celebration.

27 August 2013

Should the mentally disabled have sex?

Having judges rule on certain people's sex lives has ugly echoes of the past.

Video 23 July 2013

‘Operation Yewtree is a displacement activity’

Barbara Hewson discusses her controversial article about the Jimmy Savile affair and the age of consent on Channel 4 News.

17 July 2013

Is rape really a fate worse than death?

Barbara Hewson on the PC revival of the idea of raped women as ‘damaged goods’.