8 March 2001

Abortion for fetal abnormality

Abortion for fetal abnormality does not encourage discrimination. A woman who opts for this kind of abortion is not making a social or political statement about disabled people. She is making a statement about herself; what she feels she can cope with and what she wants.

8 March 2001

The case for 'late' abortion

Currently, the interests of the fetus are allowed to take priority over those of the woman. In all abortion, including in the case of late abortion, the interests of the woman should be paramount.

8 March 2001

Abortion is a fact of life

Abortion is accepted by policymakers and by the public as an acceptable means of fertility regulation.

8 March 2001

Defending abortion - in law and in practice

This spiked-paper tackles the hard arguments against abortion. It puts the case for late abortion and abortion for fetal abnormality, and refutes the claim that abortion is a threat to women's mental and physcial health.

13 February 2001

Catching chlamydia

We should treat chlamydia as a fact of modern life.