29 August 2001

'Disability cleansing' - or a reasonable choice?

Why shouldn't women abort disabled fetuses?

7 June 2001

spiked-proposals: Teenage sex

Governments concerned about teenage sex and pregnancy should face the facts, and look for practical - not moral - solutions.

24 May 2001

Give them enough rope

However wrong and despicable the ProLife Alliance party political broadcast might be, it is more wrong for the BBC to ban it.

17 April 2001

Over-age sex

'The last thing older people need is a government campaign to educate them about their sexual health needs.'

5 April 2001

Comic Relief: a bad taste lingers

'Why did Comic Relief cave in to the Catholic bishops on reproductive health?'

15 March 2001

Perverse perceptions

There is nothing 'sinister' or 'perverse' about the Gearon photographs at the London Saatchi Gallery. So why is it assumed that we will look at them in that way?

8 March 2001

Infectious laws

If it is a crime to transmit HIV to your partner, why not make it an offence to give them chalmydia - or flu?

8 March 2001

Is abortion a health risk?

There is no evidence that abortion poses a risk either to women's mental or physical health.

8 March 2001

Abortion for fetal abnormality

Abortion for fetal abnormality does not encourage discrimination. A woman who opts for this kind of abortion is not making a social or political statement about disabled people. She is making a statement about herself; what she feels she can cope with and what she wants.

8 March 2001

The case for 'late' abortion

Currently, the interests of the fetus are allowed to take priority over those of the woman. In all abortion, including in the case of late abortion, the interests of the woman should be paramount.