16 September 2013

You can’t be pro-choice only when you like the choice

Ann Furedi on the dangers of clamping down on ‘sex-selection abortions’.

17 June 2013

Putting choice back into the pro-choice movement

Ann Furedi’s spiked essay on the importance of a woman’s right to choose ignited much heated debate. Here, she reiterates her stance.

24 April 2013

Remaking the case for a woman’s right to choose

ESSAY: In replacing the ideal of reproductive choice with ‘reproductive justice’, feminists underestimate women’s capacity for autonomy.

11 April 2013

Why shouldn’t human beings play God?

Read Living Marxism’s 1989 interview with test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards, who died this week.

18 October 2012

‘You can’t be a little bit pro-choice’

Ann Furedi, chief executive of bpas, answers your questions on abortion, free speech and the right to protest.

20 September 2012

Right to protest, or just plain wrong?

Anti-abortionists should have absolute freedom of speech. But that doesn’t mean they can do ‘pavement counselling’ outside abortion clinics.

28 November 2011

Abortion: how late is ‘too late’?

Policymakers should butt out of late abortion and trust women to work out what’s in their best interests.

1 June 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Giving Life a seat on the Sexual Health Forum is a bit like including Jehovah’s Witnesses on a panel to discuss blood-transfusion services.

3 March 2011

Late abortion: the new clash in the Choice Wars

Ann Furedi says Philadelphia’s ‘Baby Butcher’ scandal shows exactly why we need a principled defence of abortion – as late as necessary.

17 February 2011

Our 10-year struggle to improve abortion care

‘Not so much Yes Minister as The Thick of It…’ Ann Furedi of BPAS reports on her fight with health officials for sensible abortion services.