19 October 2015

Why the fight for women’s choice must go on

Forget ‘reproductive justice’ – let’s stand up for women’s autonomy.

28 August 2015

Rape culture and the crisis of intimacy

A new book warns of the threats posed by the obsession with rape.

7 July 2015

Trust women: our Charter for Choice

Ann Furedi on why we should trust women to make reproductive choices.

29 January 2015

In the struggle over abortion access, BPAS isn’t backing off

Why restricting clinic protests is not an attack on political freedom.

29 December 2014

Why anti-abortion protesters must Back Off

The CEO of bpas explains why buffer zones are needed outside abortion clinics.

19 December 2014

A manifesto for the right to abortion

Katha Pollitt cuts through the defensiveness of the pro-choice movement.

14 May 2014

The pro-choice lobby should celebrate, not censor debate

Ann Furedi on the moral cowardice of No Platforming anti-choice activists.

27 January 2014

The myth of sex‑selective abortions

In our weekly podcast from spiked plus, the head of BPAS says you're either pro-choice or you're not.

16 September 2013

You can’t be pro-choice only when you like the choice

Ann Furedi on the dangers of clamping down on ‘sex-selection abortions’.

17 June 2013

Putting choice back into the pro-choice movement

Ann Furedi’s spiked essay on the importance of a woman’s right to choose ignited much heated debate. Here, she reiterates her stance.