13 April 2017

The dangers of equating words with actions

The idea that words cause harm is being used to justify censorship and violence.

4 April 2017

It’s time us left‑wingers stood up to PC

The left has made itself ridiculous. Let’s get our act together.

14 March 2017

Enough with the ‘snowflake’ slur

We shouldn't write off an entire generation over the actions of a few.

27 February 2017

Sensitivity readers, save us from offence!

Art must be policed and all insensitivity expunged.

15 February 2017

Labour: still not listening

Labour MPs would rather destroy their own party than heed the people's will.

26 January 2017

Sorry, Saatchi, but selfies aren’t art

Please don’t hang drunken snaps from Tinder next to Velázquez.

13 January 2017

Trump isn’t clever enough for urinary Dadaism

It is an indictment of the liberal left that they’re sharing the piss story.

23 September 2016

The state’s war on amateur comedians

Gazza isn’t the only one having his collar felt for telling a crap joke.

9 March 2016

Policing punchlines

A comedian is on trial in Canada for telling a cruel joke. Get angry.

14 August 2015

We comedians must stand up for free speech

An Edinburgh Fringe veteran says comics have got complacent.