12 November 2001

George Harrison: did the world gently weep?

The death of former Beatle George Harrison was greeted with predictable eulogies from on high - but the people were as quiet about Harrison’s death as he was in life.

27 June 2001

Countercultural corporations

How anti-brand activists and alternative marketers are taking over the boardrooms.

9 May 2001

Keeping culture in its place

Now that very few people are prepared to uphold the laws of art, what's left is culture with the cultural taken out: primarily therapeutic, with content rendered arbitrary.

8 March 2001

Generation Txt: mixed messages

Why young people can't stop texting - and adults can't stop talking about it.

8 March 2001

Party politics: it's only rock'n'roll

Expect the British general election to be more like a readers' poll for the New Musical Express than a political contest.