29 June 2009

Jacko was a product of our Wacko culture

In staying childish and obsessing over his identity, Michael Jackson was actually normal by today’s standards.

29 April 2008

Turn on, tune in, drop out

What’s with all the mythologising about Rock Against Racism? Those self-congratulatory concerts demobilised a generation.

Books 21 September 2007

Me and The Specials

Welding punk and ska, art and dance, earnest and ironic, The Specials captured the anti-Tory mood of 1980 - but they never had the seriousness to challenge Thatcher.

9 August 2007

1967: the summer of possibilities

There was more to the ‘summer of love’ than zoning out, says a writer who spent it reading the NME and fumbling with girls.

16 July 2007

The tie: a millstone around our necks?

British newsreaders are tying themselves in knots over whether to sport formal neckwear. Andrew Calcutt untangles a crisis of identities.

18 September 2006

Boorman’s bonfire of the vanities

Magazine editor Neil Boorman’s public burning of all his branded goods was not as radical as he thinks.

9 January 2006

I drink, therefore I am

Charles Kennedy's public confession of alcoholism was not so far removed from the Saturday night antics of teenage binge-drinkers.

22 September 2005

When Harry met Marlon

Getting the Prince to pose like Brando in The Wild One was a bad case of the blind leading the bland.

14 July 2005

The limits of Ultimatism

Below-the-bum trousers express the wearer's contempt for others.

20 January 2005

Long live the King

Why Elvis is still Number One.